MCompass – portable ARM

Developed at the world renowned Mayo Clinic, Mcompass from Medspira is the first ever portable, simple to use Anorectal Manometry device that makes testing easy, fast and flexible.

Mcompass is a streamlined three-component system and features an innovative, single use catheter with four radially arranged air charged balloons that adjust precisely to individual patient anatomy for enhanced measurement accuracy, assessing the symmetry of the anal canal as well as resting, squeeze and RAIR measurements.

A wireless three-button portable manometer supports simple catheter operation. The device’s tablet PC workstation features easy-to-use software with built-in simple prompts to guide the inexperienced user through the examination process and has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Advantages offered by the Mcompass Anorectal Manometry System include:

  • Portable, wireless system weighing only 3 lbs with precise exams in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Simple set up, with built-in software guidance and ready for use in just seconds.
  • Intuitive, friendly interface for all users
  • Advanced technology delivering ultra-precise results with data presented real time on a tablet PC workstation.

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