Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality policy and objectives

  1. Synectics Medical Ltd, (the organisation) as suppliers and distributors of medical diagnostic and therapeutic products and software and as providers of maintenance and support for distributed products, and associated products, is committed to supplying goods and services that conform in all respects to the safety, quality, legal and contractual requirements of its customers.
  2. To accomplish this aim, our policy is to provide products and services under controlled conditions that are consistently maintained.
  3. The organisation demonstrates this policy by maintaining a Quality Management System that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.
  4. The Quality Management System covers all aspects of stockholding and manufacture including the procurement of material and addresses the safeguarding of the product during storage and despatch.
  5. The management reviews its regulatory requirements in line with Annex V of the Meddev v 2.12 including vigilance and post market surveillance. Now moving to MDR 2017/745 Annex II.
  6. The management reviews its process of control of virtual manufacturing as part of the MDD, 93/42/EEC, now moving to the MDR 2017/745.
  7. It is the continuing policy of the management to search for improvements in product, quality, and service.
  8. All employees are responsible to our customers and colleagues equally for the continued effectiveness of the organisation’s operations and for maintaining the highest standards to ensure that their work complies with the absolute requirements of the QMS manual and operating procedures.
  9. The organisation fully accepts its responsibility to provide the necessary staff training, working environment and adequate resources to ensure that all procedures are strictly applied.
  10. As part of the Quality Management System, the organisation has set quality objectives to measure response times to client orders with a view to improving these, and to monitor all problems incurred by the organisation and to analyse and prevent these from re-occurring.
  11. We aim to restrict customer returns below 5% of all orders processed and to resolve any non-conformance within two working weeks.
  12. The organisation ensures that each employee understands this policy statement.
  13. The management will ensure that it is implemented and maintained throughout the organisation.

Revision: Sept 2023
Approved by document owner: Geoffrey Blyth, Director