Ovesco OTSC Stentfix

The stentfix OTSC is an innovative solution for stent fixation in the digestive tract, the rounded design of the stentfix OTSC clip adapts perfectly to the gastrointestinal anatomy (especially the oesophagus) without obstructing the passage of food through the lumen. Due to its modified cap shape, the stentfix OTSC can easily be positioned parallel to the stent opening for optimal stent mesh and tissue capture by the clip. As it is made of superelastic Nitinol, the clip exerts a constant force on the tissue in the application area, securing the positioning of the stent against migration.

This second generation product now has expanded endoscope compatibility and optimised clip deployment with a more even feed of the application ring.

Features include;

  • Fits on a standard gastroscope ranging from 8.5mm to 11mm
  • Modified string mechanism to improve clip deployment
  • stentfix OTSC can be removed using the remOVE DC Cutter, making it a perfect solution for benign strictures
  • stentfix OTSC is biocompatible and conditionally MR safe and can remain in the body as a longterm implant
  • The compact design of the stentfix OTSC System also allows the passage through a stent (min. Ø 16 mm), its fixation is possible either proximally or distally

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