Ovesco OTSG Xcavator™

Ovesco- OTSG-Xcavator™ for Foreign Body removal

The Ovesco OTSG Xcavator™ is a large volume grasper designed specifically for easy and effective removal of necrotic tissue, blood clots, food boluses and foreign bodies. The unique large capacity of the Xcavator™ allows a quick and safe removal of foreign bodies or tissue which is difficult to grasp with conventional instruments. The external control of the grasper leaves the working channel free for additional suction/irrigation capacity and allows the combination with further instruments (e.g. snares, graspers, etc.).

In addition, the conical design and transparent scoops allow effortless endoscopic insertion through a pre-applied stent (Ø min. 15 mm), whilst the healthy tissue is protected by the blunt scoops during grasping. If required, an additional guide wire (Ø max. 1 mm/0.038 in) can be used.

  • For use with standard flexible endoscopes diameter of 9.5 – 10.5 mm
  • Allows for the use of additional endoscopic instruments or a guide wire through the working channel of the endoscope
  • flexible shaft
  • includes an endoscope sleeve and appropriate adhesive tapes
  • length of instrument: 165 cm
  • single use product

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