Ovesco Traction Polypectomy Snare

Ovesco’s Traction Polypectomy Snare is a newly designed, serrated snare for endoscopic tissue acquisition procedures such as polypectomy, endoscopic mucosa resection (EMR) or similar techniques. Its specific design – attached teeth to the distal part of the loop – reduces slipping of the snare upon closure and loosing tissue intended for removal. At the same time the Traction Polypectomy Snare has excellent maneuverability and repositioning properties, making its handling simple and efficient. It is a monopolar high-frequency instrument.

Enhanced effectiveness of snare resection

  • 30% more tissue capture per resection
  • solid grip even on flat adenomas
  • re-positioning of snare if needed
  • Compatible with a working channel of 2.8mm or larger
  • Shaft length 220cm

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Clinical Papers

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Procedure Videos

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