Water Perfused Catheters

Synmed supply an extensive range of single use water perfused oesophageal and anorectal catheters for GI Physiology. All of our water perfused catheters are made with medical-grade clear PVC tubing with smooth surfaces and rounded tips that ensure both maximum patient comfort and ease of intubation, with the added flexibility that they can be used with any model of perfusion pump.

Choose from a comprehensive selection of channel capacities, reservoir sizes and pressurisation systems to configure a water perfusion pump that will meet both your needs and your budget. The catheters that we supply also include radiopaque markers, a radiopaque line down the length of the tubing to identify channel one and numbered leads to avoid any confusion.

We supply in the following sizes:

  • Tube diameter : 2.3mm to 4.9mm
  • Balloon volume : up to 1000 ml (latex free)
  • Number of lumens : from three to nine

Advantages offered by Single Use Water Perfused Manometry Catheters

  • Single Use for reduction of cross contamination
  • Cost Effective
  • No need to cancel procedures due to hardware failure or repairs
  • Catheters can be supplied in configuration to meet your clinical requirements

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