Ovesco Gastroduodenal FTRD

Ovesco Gastroduodenal FTRD System

The gastroduodenal FTRD System is a smaller FTRD System for endoscopic full-thickness resection (especially in the stomach) and diagnostic tissue acquisition in the stomach and duodenum.

The gastroduodenal FTRD consists of an applicator cap with a ready-to-use mounted FTRD clip, integrated HF snare and thread, thread retriever, the endoscope sleeve with fixation tapes and FTRD hand wheel. For an easier and safer introduction of the system into the upper GI-tract (passage of oesophagus and pylorus) the gastroduodenal FTRD Set is delivered with an insertion balloon and guide wire.

The gastroduodenal FTRD can be used with endoscopes with an outer diameter between 10.5 – 12.0 mm and a working channel diameter of at least 3.7 mm. If you have already attended the colonic FTRD training day, the additional training for the gastroduodenal FTRD can be carried out on site prior to the procedure.

The gastroduodenal FTRD can be used for:

      • not pretreated non-lifting adenoma
      • non-lifting recurrent adenoma
      • small subepithelial tumors
      • early carcinoma

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