MiroView Express View 4 Software

MiroView™ Express View 4 software

The MiroView™4 Platform includes several new tools to assist clinicians when analysing and reporting cases. Express Play function filters through similar images so that clinicians are not viewing the same images over a period of time and therefore reduces review time to an average time of approximately 40 minutes to review a full 12 hour video. The Bidirectional viewing tool (only available for MC2000 capsule) enables clinicians to view both cameras whether individually or simultaneously throughout the duration of the video. The MapView works as a mosaic bar where all images are viewable both as a colour scale bar and individually when running the mouse across the bar.

The MiroView 4 Platform can be integrated with the hospital network and reporting systems for efficient, safe storage and widespread access to videos/reports for all those who require it.

For further information about any other functions and features included in MiroView 4, please contact us and we will happy to assist.

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