Ovesco OTSC Proctology

Ovesco OTSC Proctology

The Ovesco OTSC clip application is an established procedure for treating fistulae and anastomotic leaks in the digestive tract and is now also available for proctology. The exceptional properties and therapeutic functions of the system are based on its special material and design: The superelastic Nitinol is biocompatible and, if needed, even suited to be applied as a long-term implant.

  • Rapid, minimally invasive, surgical procedure
  • Easy transanal clip application by ergonomic one-hand operated instrument
  • Closure of anorectal fistulae and anastomotic leaks
  • No delayed relaxation or rupture of sutures

OTSC Proctology is an innovative clipping system to be applied in proctology procedures. It is used for wall closure in the anorectum (e.g. fistulae) and offers the proctologist three unique advantages:

  • Large volume of tissue secured
  • High stability at the lesion site
  • Minimal strain on surrounding tissue

The OTSC Proctology system is intuitive, easy to use and similar to other devices. Except for the OTSC Proctology Clip Cutter all OTSC Proctology products are disposable and designed for single patient use.

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