Double-Headed Capsule Endoscopy Data

Double-Headed Capsule Endoscopy Data: Double-headed capsule endoscopy: real-world experience from a multicentre British study

Impedance/pH Reflux Testing Webinar

Impedance/pH Reflux Testing Webinar: The key objective of this “pH impedance and reflux testing” Webinar, presented by world renowned expert Professor Daniel Sifrim MD PhD, is to support users and potential users to develop their

OTSC in first-line hemostasis

OTSC in first-line hemostasis – Presentation of three RCTs

OTSC in first-line hemostasis | presentation of three RCTs: Do not miss out on this global event with fantastic speakers from three different continents, presenting their RCTs with the latest data on OTSC in first-line hemostasis.


Capsule Endoscopy: State-of-the-art MiroCam is the first capsule endoscopy system with E-Field Propagation; a patented technology utilising the human body as a communication medium. This innovative approach results in the highest image resolution and longest operation time, enabling more accurate diagnosis of the entire small bowel and

Ovesco FTRD (Full-thickness Resection Device) System

Ovesco FTRD (Full-thickness Resection Device) System

Synmed introduce the Ovesco FTRD (Full-thickness Resection Device) System Synmed introduce the Ovesco FTRD (Full-thickness Resection Device) System as the first interventional device for combined full-thickness resection of colonic lesions with closure and cutting of tissue in one integrated procedure. The new device is an instrument system for endoscopic Full-Thickness Resection (eFTR) and diagnostic tissue […]